Two players battle it out trying to make it to the end of the course.

All key inputs are recorded in the span of 10 seconds but the players do not get to see their movement until afterward. As the players see the replay of their movements they can adjust their strategy and prepare as the next race starts immediately.

Players will have to navigate a treacherous environment with death waiting around every corner. They can also drop mines and block each other from progressing. 

Remember to play with sound!


Player 1 (Left):

W - Jump

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

G - Place mine

Player 2 (Right):

Up arrow key - Jump

Left arrow key - Move Left

Right arrow key - Move Right

M - Place mine


Jesper Haderup Eiholt (Jesper#3860)

Game & Level Design/Music -

Yaniv Guertel (YanivG#2738)

Programming/UI -

Andrew Johnson (Andrew17#8950)

Art/Branding -

Niklas Pelle Michelsen (Nicolaum/Pelle#1168)

Game & Level Design -

Kacper Lesniak (Kenjik#8273)

Programming/Production -

Third-party 2d graphic asset:

Land mine icon:

Third-party sound assets:





Spike death:

Spike trap triggered:  


Winning sounds:


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This is actually meant for your game physical attraction, but I couldn't find a way to DM you. Sadly I cannot play it because I don't have  a numpad!